Nuevo video oficial de Metallica. Mirá Too far gone?

Metallica ha lanzado nuevo video oficial de su último disco “72 Seasons”. El vídeo es dirigido por Team Rolfes

Letras Too Far Gone? Metallica

“Too Far Gone?”

I, I am desperation
Need it so bad today
I, I am isolation
Static and disarray
Need this, gotta have more
Crawling out my skin
Sickness, scarring returns
Burning me again

Too far gone
Am I too far gone
Am I too far gone to save?
Help me make it through the day

I, I am tribulation
Digging down to the bone
I, I am agitation
Never leaves me alone
Keep on, push it along
Don’t want to feel this
Sink in, start to believe
That I don’t exist

Too far gone
Am I too far gone
Am I too far gone to save?
Help me make it through the day

All away
I am desperation
All away
I am isolation
All away
I am agitation
All away

Too far gone
Never too far gone
I’m never too far gone to save
I can make it through the day

Make it through the day

Just for today

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AZLyrics M Metallica Lyrics
album: “72 Seasons” (2023)
Metallica – 72 Seasons album cover
72 Seasons
Shadows Follow
Screaming Suicide
Sleepwalk My Life Away
You Must Burn!
Lux Æterna
Crown Of Barbed Wire
Chasing Light
If Darkness Had A Son
Too Far Gone?
Room Of Mirrors
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